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Employment Consultant Services

Our company has a select team of highly qualified and expert labor, social security, labor taxation, employment and labor court proceedings administrative procedures, which allows to provide a personalized and efficient service to our clients consulting.

  • Preparation of employment contracts and reports.
  • Untying labor and personnel restructuring.
  • Audit work. (Review of perks, CTS and vacation and other social benefits).
  • Assistance in the preparation of internal regulations and rules of safety and health at work.
  • Advice and troubleshooting related to: holidays, weekly rest, holidays, rest pre and postnatal, earnings, hours of work, overtime.
  • Analysis and implementation of labor regime.
  • Advice on hiring foreign workers and immigration issues.
  • Support and Sponsorship in administrative procedures, labor inspection.
  • Support and Sponsorship conciliation and judicial processes in workplace.