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Corporate Services

We offer an integral service that will allow you to have an expert in corporate consulting team. We want to be partners in making decisions about their operations and / or investments.

  • Preparation, rescission, resolution and negotiating all types of contracts, such as grant of security, trust, franchise, agency, distribution, finance or operating lease, sale, among others.
  • Advice to the directories and shareholder meetings of major firms.
  • Constitution of their companies, analyzing the most suitable for business who want to pursue and by providing all information related to the regulation and protection of your investment company structure.
  • Partial or total modification statutes.
  • Transfer of Shares.
  • Increase or reduction of capital.
  • Modification of the system of powers of the company.
  • Notice to Shareholders.
  • Liability of directors.
  • Dissolution, liquidation and dissolution of companies.