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Tax Advice Services

Our tax and legal department has highly skilled professionals in taxation, in order to provide optimal and efficient service; the results are measured with best practice in applying the tax rules to prevent tax contingencies for incorrect interpretations of legislation.

  • Support and Sponsorship Tax Litigation Process Nature in the administrative stage: appeals, complaints and grievances).
  • Support and Sponsorship Administrative Contentious Tax Prosecutions nature.
  • Analysis of tax determination.
  • Sponsorship in coercive procedures Collection.
  • Formalities tax refund.
  • Assistance in procedures and audits by SUNAT.
  • Foster Care for tax benefits.
  • Analysis and answering queries about Income Tax, VAT, tax withholdings regime, SPOT, Regime Perception, Retention and Decrease of VAT, etc.
  • Analysis of the tax implications related to banking, contractual and corporate transactions.
  • Analysis of the legal and tax treatment for non-resident natural persons.
  • Tax audits and tax revisions.
  • Processing of requests for refunds (credit balance of profit matters, release of funds slander, perceptions, deductions, etc.).
  • Taxation, national and international planning.
  • Tax offenses: Closing sanctions, sanctions confiscation and detention, gradual regime.
  • Analysis of international agreements to avoid double taxation.
  • Comprehensive advice on transfer pricing, with alliances specialists in this field.