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State Contracts Services

Our experience allows us to provide efficient, permanent and professionally, legal guidance and design strategies to make the best decisions on benefits our customers involved in the selection process with the state.

  • Advice concerning all types of selection processes called by all public sector entities, either Tenders, Public Tenders, Direct Contract and / or Small Claims, in its various forms.
  • Analysis and Study Bases related to the objects of the bidder.
  • Advice on all phases of participation stage selection process (supplier registration, inquiries, comments, proposals, etc.) according to standard contracts.
  • Advice on the stage of contract execution (signing of contract, contract modifications, Extension deadline, resolution of contract, breach of contract, contract signing, etc.).
  • Legal review of the technical proposal.
  • Advice on the process of registration, amendment and renewal of the RNP (domiciled and non-domiciled).
  • Representation of companies not domiciled in the public acts of the stage of the selection process.
  • Legal and Tax Analysis Consortium.
  • Complaints by transgression of the norm.
  • Sponsorship sanctioning processes.
  • Sponsorship at the OSCE Court of Procurement for challenges (appeal).
  • Sponsorship in arbitration and conciliation by differences in contract execution.
  • Staff training in public procurement.