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Mining Services

We provide complete assistance in different procedures and proceedings before the administrative authority, in accordance with the mining laws; and analysis of agreements and / or mining contracts; we also offer consulting and business strategies in this valuable industry.

  • Advice on the procedure for obtaining the title and transfer of mining lease.
  • Advice to obtain access to surface rights, easement and water use.
  • Rural Sanitation, and vacant urban land for mining activities.
  • Advice on obtaining the certificate of nonexistence of Archaeological Remains - CIRA.
  • Advice on the design and implementation of contractual arrangements for the development of exploration activities and operations and tax planning.
  • Development of mining contracts (sale, option, joint venture) and Legal Stability Agreements and Tax Works by.
  • Assistance in the negotiation, drafting and signing of agreements with peasant or native community.
  • Advice on administrative-mining procedures to different institutions for handling explosives and management of chemical substances and controlled substances.
  • Advice on environmental enforcement applicable to the mining industry.
  • Counseling in exploration, development and mine closure.
  • Advice on social awareness campaigns within the country (Corporate Social Responsibility).
  • Advice on the fulfillment of obligations of the holders of mining rights: right to force payment and penalty, Statistics Monthly Statement (ESTAMIN) Consolidated Annual Statement (DAC), etc.